Welcome to GoogleBot

GoogleBot delivers accurate news, weather, and even searches on Google itself! It has the links to everything, saving mobile users from having to switch apps, or for desktop users from having to switch windows. We’re here to provide a stable “in-app” browser!

Simple. Elegant. Smooth.

Our servers give the bot the lowest ping we can get. So your “in-app” browser has the fastest load time we can manage. With information given to your basically served on a silver platter, you’ll view everything with a glance and admire the sleek embeds and the beautiful colors.

How To Get Started

To start using the bot, all you have to do is invite the bot to your server and do g!help. Then GoogleBot will DM you all the commands. It’s best to join the support server sometime soon, because then you’ll miss out on all the updates and announcements.

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